How to Get Infinity Gems Coins in Sniper Traffic Hunter iPhone

Sniper: Traffic Hunter is a kind of a shooting game for the ios and android platforms where you have to watch cars from a hillside and shoot them as many as possible within a one minute span for collecting gems coins, the main currencies of this game

sniper traffic hunter walkthrough ios android

To play this game, you will be allowed to use all kinds of weapon upgrades which will increase the amount of shots that you can shoot and blow up cars on the road.

When shooting them, try not to zoom all the way since it will be difficult to aim your scope.
Just try to zoom in only as much as you need to target cars accurately.

As said earlier, all you will do here is to shoot all the cars within limited time
If you can shoot all passing cars, you will be rewarded with gems and coins
Then, if the round is about to end, you can continue the round by paying with a gem

In the mean time, you can also make a combo chain by shooting cars one after the other
Doing so will also add one to the multiplier each time you can blow a car up in which it will be 1 gold and 100 points, then 2/200, 3/300, 4/400 and so on.

Remember to always do some upgrades to your gun, since it will help you make combos
By doing some upgrades to your gun, the ability will increase your firing rate and such.

Also, the biggest difference-maker will increase your shooting rate, so that you can also recover and shoot quickly

Or, if you have some coins, be sure to purchase the semi-automatic rifle which will help you increase the firing rate

In the way of earning more gems and coins, you can watch the advertisement videos at the menu page
At this point, it will be based on when you tap it, then you can tap the button to get 1 gem or 50 coins from the video you have watched at that time

Later on, each time, you want to collect gems and coins fast and free, just keep watching the ad videos to get them


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