How to Get High Score Points in Escalate iPhone

Escalate developed by Nanovation is a new endless jumper game made in pretty looking mechanics and this game is specially designed for the iOS and Android mobiles.

escalate walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to go as high as you can while trying to make score points as much as possible
In the mean time, you will also have to collect gold and avoid the obstacles in each level.

To play this game, just tap to the left and to the right of your triangle so that your triangle will go up and move on either side.
When performing your action, the directional changes are like gradual
It means that you may have to tap twice or three times to move the triangle in the direction you want

On the other side, you will have to watch out for the gears rotating downwards against your triangle.
When you see a gear rotating upwards, it is not that dangerous, but if you see the one rotating downwards, you must always be stay alert since it can catch you and trap you against the side of the level

Or, it can even crush you if it catches you.
For such reasons, you must be extra careful, especially when going up between two gears.

Moreover, you will also deal with the white borders which will end the game as soon as you touch them.
And, if you deal with the black borders, they are safe to touch as long as they are not moving gears However, if you see the white borders are moving back and forth or up and down, make sure to wait for them to move out of the way before passing them to the next stage.

As said earlier, you will have to collect gold when performing your action
In accordance with this, you must try to gather up all of the little gold lights appearing in the levels, whereby they will give you an allowance to get new colors and skins for your triangle.

Anyway, customizing your triangle with the skins will perform the same way but they will allow a degree of customization.
getting the first skin will need you to spend 50 gold, and the rest will need 100 gold to get, with some extra expensive ones will get you to use 200 gold for it.

Perhaps, you may get gold by watching the ad videos offered by the developer
Recently, make sure to update the game, so that you can skip the ad videos while you are playing it on your phone


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