How to Get High Score in ZoidTrip Android

Zoidtrip developed by madpxl & birslip will take you to take control of a triangle-shaped character with two floppy tails to pass through obstacles on each level

zoidtrip walkthrough ios android

Throughout the game, your main goal is to go as far as possible that will get you to make a better score even gaining the highest score among other players
Because go reaching high score, you will ultimately unlock new triangle-shaped heroes

Here, to play this game in a better way, you need to time your move and consider the angle as well
In related to the timing, you have to practice and master the speed of your Zoids and also master the speed of the obstacles in each level.

On the other side, the angle of your directions is always at 45 degrees left or right in which you have to master it it in order to avoid obstacles specially the moving and the narrow obstacles in every level of this game.

When playing in each level, make sure to have a laser focus in which it does not mean your eyes are glued at your Zoid but it means your focus is only at the game
It will be no matter what will happen so just play the game when you are not busy and always try to complete all your priority tasks first before playing this game.

During the play, if you have a score at least 20 or more in this game, you will be able to gain a very high score.

In line with this, all you will have to do is simply to focus on your next attempts so that you will get better playing this game for the next time.

Always remember not to be frustrate when reaching a low score, as you will likely get high score if you are playing with fresh mind
If you get a streak of low scores, just make a rest for a while then comeback later when your mind is already fresh.


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