How to Get High Score in Tower Slash iPhone

Tower Slash can be said as a retro style fast paced mobile game specifically designed for the iOS platform where you will merely swipe to match the arrows directions to beat enemies, and climb up your way for reaching score as high as possible.

tower slash walkthrough ios android

You will have the main objective that is to run as far as you can and slash enemies by swiping in the right direction, and battle for the boss characters for more point score to unlock some new heroes on the way.

During the play, you must try to use your memory and reflexes to eliminate a horde of enemies and creatures roaming on the skies

Every time, you level up in this game, you will get bonus score and you will be able to unlock new characters, each with unique special abilities that will enhance your game experience.

If you want to play this game at ease view, you can turn your phone sideways and play it from the more traditional view of left to right rather than from down to up
It is caused by the main vantage point shows the game as going from down to up.

If you lose, you can revive yourself fast by watching an advertisement video.
At this point, you will get only one video per time
And, once getting a good score, you can go for a boss enemy for gaining high score.

After making some progresses through the game, you will be granted with some achievements that you can use to unlock new characters in this game.

To get a certain score, just eliminate a specific amount of minions
Moreover, you can also try to beat a specific number of bosses to unlock a new character.
When dealing with bosses, you can use your various skills.

Sometimes, you can also use your power up that will really help you automatically run through minions.
Be sure to use power up, when fighting against the bosses.
Also, use them as often as you can to maximize your score and your minion body count.

On the other side, this game will often show pop up ads that will come up when you are playing this game
In order to get rid of these ads, you can go to the control center and set your phone to airplane mode
In the mean time, you can also turn off the data and WiFi network connection then you go back to the game and play it in full version.


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