How to Get High Score in Tiltagon iPhone

Tiltagon from Noodlecake Games can be said as a hard arcade game designed specifically for the iOS and Android platforms.
The idea behind the game is pretty simple as you will simply tilt your phone to guide the ball as far as you can through two difficulty levels which are the Hard and Hard+ levels.

tiltagon ball apple watches

Since you will be prompted to tilt your phone to guide the ball, you may think to set the sensitivity that you can do in the options menu.
Sometimes, changing the sensitivity will help you to help the ball run in pretty slow.

The main point in this game, is to make score as high as possible
Getting each score in this game will certainly make you to try harder when guiding the ball through each track

Guiding the ball is not really hard though as long as you do it with a patience and focus on the track in form of hexagonal

Later on, playing in hard mode will be tough to beat since all of the obstacles will push you off of the stage if you are not careful enough.
When playing in hard+ mode, you cannot touch a single one of these objects, as one single touch of an obstacle will come to the end of the game.
Anyway, it will be far easier to rank high in this mode on Game Center and Google Play than on Hard mode, caused by the sky high difficulty.

On the other side, this game will come long with ads that will pop up on the screen every time you are playing this game
In order to get rid of ads, you can just turn off the data and the WiFi connections
Or, you can throw your phone into Airplane Mode then replay the game again.

Anyway, the developer makes money through the ads, and if you really appreciate to the other`s work, it will highly be recommended to pay 99 cents to get rid of ads forever
Alternatively, you can also watch a video to get rid of ads for five minutes.

In addition, after playing this game for a while, you will need to rest for few minutes then you can go back to the game with fresh mind that will sometimes give you advantage to guide the ball into further hexagonal tracks in this game.


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