How to Get High Score in The Line Zen iPhone

Ketchapp has presented the next sequel of The Line game named as The Line Zen
This new series comes along with a new twist and a new puzzle to solve.

the line zen walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will weave through a procedurally generated world while avoiding the red shapes
In the mean time, you will have to use friendly green shapes to your advantage whereby they can sometimes get in the way

Later on, you will also be assigned to solve puzzle style rooms that is a kind of a new angle to the classic game
With some clues, you can solve extremely fast mini-puzzles to progress to the next levels.

Here, you will see the ball which will automatically move at upward direction in that you will only move the ball to the right and to the left.
Sometimes, you cannot move them or the ball will stop going forward.

Also, you will get through some obstacles like green objects that can stuck your ball or red objects that will automatically destroy the ball.

Moreover, you will also have to deal with idle red objects in which you will get through the easiest routes to stay from as they will not move
And, you will only move your ball away from the red edges.

In order to move red objects slowly, you should focus on their possible movements.
After learning their movement, you can plan ahead of time by going to your possible avoid route as fast as you can.

If you wan to move red objects in a quick time, you cannot think fast on their possible movement as they will move very fast.
To overcome this, you can stay on your possible safety route that would be moving around the center area.

In the mean time, it will be better not to move away from the center as it will be more difficult to go to the next avoid route probably at the center area.
Always remember to not make any move as those red objects will move at your location.

When playing this game, be sure to avoid the red obstacles routes at all cost
On the other side, this game will have an avoid routes eventually
So, all you will do here is to try to go there and survive as long as you can.

In line with this, you will get some instances that your route will be blocked by moving green objects.
To deal with this, it will highly be recommended to anticipate them before they move around.

In addition, the big thing of this game is to try to gain score as high as possible
If you can follow above tips, you may get a guide to go for high score in this game


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