How to Get High Score in Swipe Me Out! iPhone

Inventain Mobile UAB has an arcade game called Swipe Me Out! designed specifically for the ios device
In this game, you have to guide tiny monsters through dungeon mazes with your fingers in which you will simply swipe in the right direction to unlock the door and escape from there

swipe me out walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game can be said as a simple challenging one-touch game where you merely swipe to guide a band of spooky monsters out of a dungeon flooded with lava

Along the game, you will try to escape from an unstoppable wave of lava, but you must try not to rush when you are about to come out form that place.

Playing this game is about precise timing to wait for the doors to open, and swipe your character to that spot immediately before lava is getting closer

In the mean time, aside from the wave of lava, you will also have to watch out a list of traps in each place

When dealing with Electric Walls, two yellow balls that create an electric wall between them, all you will do is to wait for the wall to go down, then swipe fast through it.

Moving Platform is a small stone platform which will slide back and forth across some water.
When you go through it, you must wait until the platform is in the middle, then swipe through it fast

When you meet spikes, they will work exactly like the electric walls.
All you will do here is to wait until they go down, then swipe through.

Moreover, Fireballs will shoot out from the walls in a specific pattern.
To deal with it, you must watch it closely, while waiting for a small to open then dash through it fast.

Sometimes, you may also see the fake-out doors in the game
In line with this, you will come into a room without four doors in it

There, you may sometimes jump the gun and pick a real door one too many times, so be extra careful of these rooms

Always consider to keep your finger near the bottom of the screen as you want to keep your view obstructed at all times
Doing this will also be useful since you can still see the doors and prepare your move fast

On the other side, after making each swipe, be sure to press and hold your finger down for a moment.
If you can apply this, it will make you swipe a little bit faster in the next room.
In accordance with this, you can be used to the timing of this situation

In addition, if you can do all of those statements, you may gain high score in each level
So, just keep practicing more to get anything completed well in the game


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