How to Get High Score in Square Rave iPhone

Square Rave can be said as twitch game with an awesome little music oriented puzzle which is specifically made for the ios platform

square rave walkthrough ios android

To play this game, you will simply use your finger to highlight one square on the game grid, and blue squares coming up randomly

All you will do in this game is to move your highlighted square over the blue square and rack up your score

Along the way, you will try making your way to each blue square as that line ticks across the screen
Always do it fast and careful, since you can screw yourself over by blocking your own path.

To play this game, be sure to keep your finger on the screen as you will merely tap on the screen, drag the game cursor around accurately to control the path of your cursor

During the game, moving willy-nilly about the game screen will generate red blocks preventing progress when the rhythm bar moves by.

Always remember to avoid large vertical moves because doing so will make an impenetrable wall between you and the next teal square.

You may also predict where the next teal squares will pop up
For such reasons, avoiding too much vertical movement will help keep your options open.

In line with this, the teal squares will contribute to your score
In order to survive in the game, you will be on a teal square before the rhythm bar hits the right side of the screen.

Sometimes, you may tap all of the teal squares on screen
In the mean time, you may need to play conservatively and draw a small path to only one or two squares.

On the other side, you will deal with yellow squares popping up on the screen
These squares will turn squares into teal squares which you can collect

Always remember to draw big, circuitous paths around the screen before hitting the yellow block
If you can do so well, you will get more teal blocks along the way
Thus, always plan your move accordingly yo gain high score in the game


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