How to Get High Score in Smove iPhone

Smove from Simple Machine is a kind of a minimalist high score twitch game designed specifically for the iOS and Android where you will experience an insane amount of challenge for a very short amount of time and you will by vying to gain score points as high as possible.

smove walkthrough ios android

Here, you will earn points when you collect the square on the screen.
So, the main point here is to collect the squares as quickly as possible.
And, do not often move around the screen too much as you will get stuck in such a bad position that you have to.
Just collect the squares to make new squares come up.

When you get 10 squares, you will see that the color of the screen and the balls that shoot will change. Once you shoot two balls at a time you will hit 10 points.
Then, if you hit 20 points, one at a time will shoot at you, but it comes at varying rates of speed.
You will see uneven sets of two will shoot at you once you gain 30 points.
Later on, you will get these changes continued every time you increase your score.

In order to make high score in this game, you have to remember what pattern the balls shoot in, and be prepared for the next challenges coming in.

On the other side, this game will come along with the ads that will always pop up on the screen
To solve this, you can shut off the data and the wireless connection on your phone
Then, set your phone into airplane mode, go back to the game and play it again.

Anyway, this game is made by an indie developer, who makes money from the ads appearing in the game
In line with this, if you want to give a little bit of appreciation, you can simply let the ads appear while you are playing.


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