How to Get High Score in Sky Streaker Gumball Climbing Arcade Game iPhone

Cartoon Network has come to the apple store with Sky Streaker that will assign you tap to switch sides and keep Richard climbing so that he can dress up with awesome accessories such as new clothes

sky streaker walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will also get item to unlock a new power, like Alan the Balloon, giant coins, new levels, and mega score multipliers.

When trying to go up and collect coins and some accessories, be sure not to go rush to tap the left and right arrows because you will possibly risk losing your run.
To deal with this, just take your time, and see how things go and slowly up the pace as you get better. Along the way, be sure to collect as many coins as possible and new clothes scattered on the level.

After going through some levels, you will be able to unlock power ups which are extremely helpful
With the headphones power ups, you are able to gather up more coins
Then, after getting the eye glasses, you will be able to get the Platinum coin.
So, get all power-ups, as soon as you can

Playing this game will get you to go as high up as possible and get as many coins as you can
But, if you focus on collecting coins, you will slowly start get a score as high as possible.
To avoid this, just try to ignore the coins and only focus on the obstacles and go up as you will get coins with the power-ups and special items that you get.

Later on, every count of your taps will get you into a rhythm
Soon, you will start to anticipate the number of taps you make that you will need to reach the next obstacle whereby counting will help you in going for as long as possible for high score.


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