How to Get High Score in Runnin Through The 6 iPhone

If you like playing runner game with a little bit of strategy, you will have to try Runnin Through The 6 that can be said as a ridiculous endless runner game.

runnin through the 6 walkthrough ios android

In this game, your main goal is to run your little Drake emoji as far as you can
In the mean time, you must also score up as many points as you can while avoiding obstacles and going for the highest possible score.

Later on, you will automatically gain points when you run
To do this, you will simply jump and collect the sixes if you want to score up the maximum amount of points that you can.
At this phase, you will sometimes get to double jump in order to get them for higher.
Here, each 6 you run through will give you an additional 100 points to collect

Along the way, always remember to avoid the handicap logo.
Because if you hit it, you will get trapped inside of the block and lose instantly.
Moreover, you will lose if you get stuck behind a building even if it happens within a second.
On the other side, you will lose if your character will slow down and end up falling into one of the gaps.

In order to gain your high score, you must concentrate to play this game in each level.
You will see that the scenery in the background will go a different speed than it theoretically should considering in the background.
At this point, remember not to let the varying speeds of the city, since the train and the planes will throw you off but just concentrate on the foreground while moving forward for more points ans score.

Meanwhile, you will also see the ads always pop up while you are playing
If you want to play this without the ads, you can set the phone into airplane mode
Then, restart the game so that you will not see the ads coming up anymore.
Anyway, if you let this ads appear on the screen, you have helped the developer to generate income from this game
It is caused by, this game is made by a small indie developer who relies on the ads to generate income that will be handy to make some future updates.


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