How to Get High Score in Red Ball UP! Bounce Dash & Dodge Spikes iPhone

Red Ball Up can be included into a new one touch vertical jump game that you can play both on the ios and android platforms

red ball up walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to to bounce a red ball up as high as possible for gaining high score
During in your action, you will get to jump green pipes, bullet bills, spinning swords and any other obstacles.

Later on, you will be allowed to unlock more characters or objects to play in the next stages
When performing your action, you will get a coin to be used for having a new ball.

In order to get more coins, you will get them for free by watching an ad video
To do this, you should jump on the pipes to lose quickly.
Just do this four times to get the video pop up again.
You can do this when need some coins to get new ball

When you are about to gain high score, just try to slow your roll and jump slowly
Do this gently to go through the next obstacle in one piece.
Try to learn the patterns and jump more quickly as the stage goes on.
If you deal with green pipes, you must jump fast to get through them before they close.

Sometimes, you may allow the ball to drop underneath the bottom ad banner.
In the mean time, you will have to tap and make it jump before it falls off of the screen at a time If you can do so well, you will go to the next level.


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