How to Get High Score in Peggle Blast Android

If yo have read the previous walkthrough related to Peggle Blast game, it will give you a hint of how to get 3 stars and lives immediately so that you can unlock new stage and move to new level

peggle blast tutorial to clear 5 pegs to get free ball

Every time you are in a stage, you will really need lives to do your activity in that stage
But, your lives will sometimes run out that will make you wait it for a while to come back fully

Alternatively, if you want to get all of your lives back instantly, you can do the time lapse tricks which will regenerate your lives quickly or unlock a stage in a minute

Firstly, simply kill the game from the memory cache
Here, you must quit the game and remove it from the cache by pressing the home screen twice, then swipe the game away
Secondly, just go to your device’s settings and set the time for an hour or more.
Now, get back to the game and play with either a full set of lives or without waiting for the stage’s unlock anymore.

On the other side, playing this game is all about to get a score as high as possible
Early on, your main goals are listed when you start the level, in which you also must get a score as high as possible
Getting the highest score here is your top priority as all the other challenges are completed while trying to achieve this.

In line with this, always go for the shot bonuses, such as the long shot bonus, the sliding bonus and even the extra points awarded by the purple peg.
Besides, you can also use the active super guide to reach pegs and gain some extra points

Make sure to do the slide easily, and when you have the pegs positioned for a slide bonus, you can simply aim for the middle of the first brick on the inside of the loop.
Doing this action will get you to clear a ton of pegs and get a bonus score as well

Along the game, if you see phoenix eggs fall at the bottom of the screen, they are gone forever.
So, every time you see these eggs, you have to hit them properly but if they hit the bucket when going down, they hatch instantly
To deal with this, you have to try banking shots off the walls to keep the few pegs usually holding the eggs with safe.

For further, duels in this game are quite fun and tricky.
In accordance with this, you can improve your chances at winning a duel by scoring as many points as possible each time you shoot the ball.
At this point, always hit at least one orange peg and do not look at the ball count too much since it is the least important part in duels

In addition, in order to get precise shots in this game, you can try to zoom in
Holding your finger pressed when aiming will make a magnifying glass appear, so that you can tune your shot perfectly.
Remember that, you must always use this when dealing with a tricky shot or going for that perfect final shot in each stage


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