How to Get High Score in Into The Circle iPhone

Gamebryl in associated with indie studio ZipZap Games has launched their newest game, Into the Circle for ios platform.

into the circle walkthrough ios android

This game can be said as a 2D physics-based puzzle game where you will have to try to land dots onto targets.

On the other words, you will simply shoot the ball in the right direction with the right amount of force in which you will determine how hard you launch the ball and in which direction.
Here, you must time your aiming from one circle to the other for a perfect result

Along the game, the circles will get smaller and smaller
And, if you can aim it better, you will get more bonus points as your result.

In this game, you will freely to aim your shot at the next Circle
So, it will be better to take as much time as it requires to make the most accurate shot possible.
Just take your time and make the shot with as much accuracy as possible.

Be sure to shoot into the little circle inside of the big circle.
In line with this, if you can make it at least halfway in, you will get a perfect honest.
This bonus will increase by one point for each one that you have achieved during the same round.
Later on, you will have to earn as many of these to increase your score for a perfect one.

On the other side, this game will always come along with the advertisements showing up while you are playing
In order to get rid of this, you can purchase ad-free time for one dollar to take away the ads forever.
Alternatively, you can merely set your phone into airplane mode so that every time you play the game again the advertisements will not pop up again.

However, since this game is free, the developer still generate income from this ad so it is not recommended to do this as the advertisements are their source of income.

Meanwhile, you can also try using the advertisements you manage to get a free stars.
At this point, just go to the in app purchase menu
There, you will be served to watch an advertisement video to earn them for free.
Once doing this, you can use the stars to restart after you lose at a stage.

Thus, the main point is not to bother spending stars to restart a stage if you barely have any kind of score when you lose.
Always save your stars for when you have a good round and you want to continue to further levels.
Remember not to spend stars on trying to save a bad round or you are about to run out of stars way fast.


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