How to Get High Score in Infinite Stairs iPhone

Infinite Stairs is one of the simple yet addictive games which is apparently a mega-hit in Korea, but the game may not seem to catch on with this side of the Pacific.

infinite stairs walkthrough ios android

Seemingly, this vertical-endless runner went to iOS devices back in January.
In this game, all you will do is simple as you will merely climb up an endless series of stairs to the top for gaining score as high as possible

At the same time, every time you can climb up more and more stairs in specific time period, you will be able to unlock new characters that you can use to climb up the stairs

Anyway, doing this to climb up the stairs is more difficult than it looks like.
So you must also try to renew the highest leaderboard record.

On the other words, the entire game revolves around rapidly ascending an endless flight of stairs.
To move your character in this game, you will be served with two buttons to press

One button is for stepping forward
And, the other one is for turning around to face the opposite direction.

Thus, the main point here is to tapping the climb button rapidly, then hitting the turn button whenever the staircase shifts directions.

Every time you can accomplish each stage successfully, you will be rewarded with extra characters
You can unlock them throughout the game after reaching certain milestone heights.

At the beginning of the game, you will unlock the first character skin that is the cheerleader, which is fitting
At this point, all you will need is the encouragement and a plan on getting very far in this addictive little game.

In the way of performing your action to climb up the stairs, always be sure to watch the incoming stairs
And, always stay alert of the staircase shifts directions in which when it comes out, you should hit the turn button then step up again for more score that will lead you to unlock new characters


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