How to Get High Score in in Tadpole Tap iPhone

Outerminds has presented Tadpole Tap where you will be allowed to reach the skies with your favorite tadpole through dangerous obstacles for high score

tadpole tap walkthrough ios android

Later on, you will embellish your aquarium with tadpoles by unlocking all tadpoles, each with a unique ability that will help you through the dangers along the way.
In the mean time, you must also upgrade their unique ability to get better scores.

You can unlock all of these tadpole types
Tad is the default Tadpole in the game, upgrade him for longer tongue.
Dew can stay a little longer on bushes.
When playing Sparkles tad, you should upgrade your Invincibility Power-up and upgrade sparkles for easy invisibility.
Vintage can double your flies value but expensive.
Spooks detaches faster when in thorns.
Stapler can survive longer to piranhas.
Speedster can blaze fast
Magnus gives permanent magnet effect in which you can afford it then.

Also, you must upgrade all power-ups to make them last longer and combine them to help you along the way
In order to purchase some upgrades, you should eat flies that is somehow very satisfying

Here, Sunny Day and Rainy Day are types of weather in the game
In a Sunny Day, you must gather up all flies, power ups, DNA and puzzles then be sure not to fall or accidentally hit the lightning orbs.

In a Rainy Day, just focus on going upward as the piranha will eat your Tadpole
And, always keep an eye on avoiding spikes and lightning orbs.

Make sure to get puzzles and dna’s as they rarely appear in the game.
Meanwhile, you must get invincibility power-up as piranha cannot eat you as you are invincible state.
Get Magnet and Vegetation Spread as long as you can survive then upgrade magnet and invincibility power ups


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