How to Get High Score in Dot Wave iPhone

Neokrush has a new endless game which is wrapped in Dot Wave that is specifically designed for ios and android platforms

dot wave walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to keep the line on the wave going for as long as possible for high score

On the other words, you will merely hold release the screen for the arrow to avoid hitting the sides of the wave and you must survive as long as possible

Here, you will deal with all kinds of rotations, camera movements, and other things which will throw you off as much as possible and kill you within seconds.

On the other side, you can switch back and forth between the hardest difficulty using the easiest difficulties that you have unlocked.

Early on this game, you can start with the easy difficulties first to learn the game
Afterward, you can then switch immediately to the hardest difficulty for having high score so that you will be able to move up to the harder stages full-time.

In this game, going for 30 seconds in a row on the hardest difficulty level will unlock the impossible difficulty of this game.

To go for as long as absolutely possible, you can always select to save yourself by watching an advertisement video for free.

Too get rid of these ads, you set your phone or tablet into airplane mode so that you will not see the ads scattered on the screen anymore.

Meanwhile, you can switch back-and-forth between random and rotation to get a new look at each level.
At this point, you can deal with all different kinds of levels that will be more challenging.


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