How to Get High Score in Dot Up! iPhone

Dot Up! is a Miscellaneous Trivia or Game Show game, which is developed by Chunmei Li or App Cow
You will be challenged to to dash the ball as high as possible

dot up walkthrough ios android

Here, you will play as a big white dot and you will be assigned to get through as many gates as possible, in which each gate will come to one point.
Later levels will give you more challenges as the obstacles will change to get tougher and tougher.

On the other words, you can try to dash the ball as high as you can to beat your friends score
Note that, you have to be careful of those blocks and grasp the timing well

To go far in this game, just look ahead at the next gate and try to get it in a glance at it as soon as you can.
At the same time, you can then plan out your next taps to move on next
But, do not go too fast or you will end up whacking your ball on the very next gate.

In order to pass the gate, just wait for a gate to move the right way then wait until the ball is as far down on the screen as possible then tap and jump.
When in this point, do not wait for too long, or you will end up dying, as you will hit the very bottom of the screen.

After getting through the previous gate, be sure not to go too high at first if the gate is moving toward you.
Meanwhile, if the gate is moving away from you, you can then be a whole lot less careful to have a much wider opening that you can go through it with.

Furthermore, you will deal with some gates in a row moving away from you, in which you can go for speed runs fairly easily by tapping fast.
In the mean time, make sure to watch where you are going when dealing with these gates.

In addition, you can also change the color of the background whatever you want.
In accordance with this, just hit the up arrow after you lose then hit the up arrow of the color to change the background
And, if you hit the regular play arrow, the background will remain in the same color, or it will go back to the standard blue color.

However, this game will sometimes show you ads when you are playing throughout stages
In related to this ads, the developer will earn its revenue from it
To remove this ads appearing when you are playing this game, you will be prompted to remove it through the apple store

Alternatively, if you want to play this game without any ads appearing on the screen, you can turn off the airplane mode on your phone`s setting


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