How to Get High Score in Captain Rocket iPhone

Ketchapp has an endless running game that is called as Captain Rocket designed specifically for the iOS and Android platforms.

captain rocket walkthrough ios android

Here, your hero stole confidential documents and he must run away by any means possible
Along the game, he or she will have to jump across a literally unlimited number of rockets in order to get back to the mothership.

Anyway, if you simply jump from one rocket to the next, all you will do is to go backwards.
At that point, you can try to rocket-hop, and skip one rocket per jump that you are doing.
All you will have to do is to jump from one rocket to the second next rocket
In the mean time, you can also jump over one and land on the next one smoothly.

When doing all of your jumps, be sure to stay on the high ground when you are on the low ground
It is caused by, it will be quite easy to slam your head on a passing rocket and lose the stage.
For such reasons, you have to stay as high as possible while trying to maximize your chances of breaking your old high score and make a new high score.

On the other side, this game will come along with the ads popping up on the screen while you are playing
If you wan tot get rid of this ads, you can set the phone into airplane mode then play the game.
Once doing this, the ads will stop showing up, and you can play this game in full version.
But, if you want to help the developer generate income form this game, you can let the ads coming up on the screen


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