How to Get High Score in Bouncing Ball iPhone

Ketchapp has a fresh smash-hit quick play endless game called Bouncing Ball designed for the iOS and Android platforms.
To play this game, all you will do is to control the perpetually-bouncing red ball and run it while trying not to hit some scattered spikes standing in your way and gaining score as high as possible.

bouncing ball walkthrough ios android

Here, you will be tested with the speed and your reflexes of leading and tapping the screen before you hit the spikes.

Early on this game, you will have a fairly decent margin for error when it comes to this
When guiding the red ball, do not wait too long to hit the screen or you will find yourself pouncing right on top of a spike at a time.
Sometimes, you will be better to hit the screen a slight bit early so that you can fly right over the spike when the ball is at the highest position.

Every time, you can pass through the spike, your score increases
At this point, just stay alert of more obstacles showing on the stage, such as the elevation of the ground changing right as you hit the 10 point range
When doing so, you will have to judge distances differently when hitting the ball.

In the mean time, the size of the ball will also increase, as well as the speed of the bounce, that will force you to take that into account as well.

Remember to keep an eye out for those little floating squares showing up frequently.
Once gathering up one, the color palette will change
But, if you can pass it by and you do not collect it, the color will not change.
In line with this, if you like the current color of the game, you can try to avoid the floating squares
On the other side, if you want to change it, you can collect them.

Anyway, this game will come along with the ads that pop up so frequently.
To get rid of this, you can then close out the game, and turn on Airplane mode, then open the game back up and play it again.

Meanwhile, if you want to help the developer make income from this game, you can simply let the ads come up while you are playing this game since it will always be free to play

In addition, playing this game will arouse your energy and concentration as you will always try to avoid the next spikes from one to another

In line with this, you can rest for a while to refresh your mind then you can back to the game and play it with calm to reach the highest score to put on the leaderboards


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