How to Get High Score in Bounce iPhone

Ketchapp is now giving you a fresh and new simplistic game that is packed in Bounce, where you will have to control a bouncy blue ball for gaining score as high as possible.
Along the way, you will bounce all the way to the top, while avoiding deadly obstacles and awesome power-ups.

bounce walkthrough ios android

To play this game, all you will do is simply to touch the left or right side of the screen to move your character and break the green lines to rack up your score to the top.

Anyway, grabbing the power ups will definitely make your journey in this game a lot easier.
In line with this, those power ups will be in fixed locations and come in a variety of flavors.

Spring power up will be able to increases your jump strength, putting a little “spring” in your jump in that you can use this to pass by dangerous hazards or just get some extra ground.

Speed power up is categorized into two flavors which are speed up and speed down.
Down arrow for speed down, and up arrow for speed up.
Here, your jump is affected, rotating or moving platforms are affected, and even the death spikes are affected as well.
When you grab these power ups the slow down version might make some jumps easier, so be careful when grabbing such power up.

Shield is like the lightning bolt power up that will temporarily turns your ball pink.
Using this, hazards will not affect you, and you can even break the pink boxes with the circles in them.

During the game, you will see that most platforms are black, but there are some behaving differently. And, yellow platforms will drop once you collide with them from any angle.
Meanwhile, blue platforms will drift right or left.
Once they start moving, they will still be considered platforms, so you can make some jumps off of them if you want to.

Make sure to always note the locations of platforms and try to remember where they will be once you move up as the bottom of the screen may be covered with ads.

Later on, every time you have successfully passed through all the gates you will gain a point.
Normally they will horizontally be lined, but sometimes they will also be vertical
In accordance with this, you will see that there is a chance you might pass one up if you are not paying attention.
Thus, try to keep staying alert of this circumstance
Always take your time to make better jumps from one platform to another


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