How to Get High Score Coins in Snow Roll iPhone

Happymagenta has launched their unique endless runner type game, Snow Roll where you must guide little penguin on his roll through snowy woods
During guiding that penguin, all you will do is to tap to change direction and avoid obstacles, as well as gathering up coins to unlock new balls and rolling as far as you can for high score.

snow roll walkthrough ios android

In order to control the snowball well, be sure to use two hands, where you can use the right finger when the snowball goes right and the left one when it goes left.
Applying this method will make the controls slightly easier so that you will keep your penguin and snowball rolling for a longer time.

Along the way, you will also collect free coins by tapping an “Earn coins” button at the top of the menu
Just use it to get a handful of free coins
And these coins will extremely be useful to help you run through obstacles in this game

Moreover, you can also use your coins to get extra balls
In line with this, just pay attention to the cups in the minigame
When playing in the minigame, your main goal is to point to the glass where the ball is hidden
For such reasons, you must concentrate on it as it will not as easy as one might think it is.

Besides coins, you will also be able to get your free gift when it is unlocked
At the beginning of the game, you will get the free gift that will give you a ton of coins in a short period of time
Here, each new free gift will take longer to unlock.
Because of this, be sure to get the free gift as soon as they appear.

Meanwhile, it will highly be recommended to learn how to go in a line as straight as possible with your snowball.
Basically, you must tap the screen in a quick time that will have the snowball go as narrow as possible.
Be sure to learn this first then you will be easier to master the long turns.
Also, you can try to change the balls between them and keep on rolling for making high score


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