How to Get High Score Cheats in Impossible Dial iPhone

App Holdings has launched a kind of puzzle game called Impossible Dial which will test your brain’s reflexes of matching colors with highly speed for being top scorer among the others
Anyway, this game seems to be the #1 trending app on the apple store right now.

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To play this game, you merely tap when the arrow is the same color as the part of the dial which is next to the other one
And, your main goal here to get the highest score points than your friends.

Playing this game will require the skill and very little about strategy, in that you should try to hit 100 points or more

Early on this game, just tap in the middle when the dial reaches the middle area of the color
Doing this will give you extra time to see what the next color is so that you will be able to tap at the right moment when it comes to the nearest one.

Later on, the level of this game will get more difficult as the speed will increase that will arouse your attention
The main key here is to tap when the dial is in the middle so that you can keep on going until you can tap no more.

On the other side, you can try to slow down the dial a little bit by running as many apps or game at the same time.
By opening up 15-20 apps, the dial will get a little bit sluggish that will give you some extra milliseconds to tap.

In addition, to beat the highest score in this game will be relied on your reaction speed of tap and see what the next color appearing on the screen.
If you try following the above trick, you may be able to get at least some extra points to gain


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