How to Get High Score and Free Cash in Traffic Racing Rivals iPhone

Pictormania has just come to the apple store with the newest game called Traffic Racing Rivals Real Endless Road Car Racer Hero where you will be challenged to gain the highest score possible.

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Early on this game, you can try starting to play this game in the Two Way mode which will help you get a lot better at the game and you will also gain the highest scores with ease.
In line with this, starting with the Two Way mode will help you understand how the game works, and you will also learn how to reach the best score easily and how to drive while avoiding the incoming traffic.
Once playing with two way traffic, you will move to traffic going in one direction

Along the game, be sure to always stay on the left lane, as this will reward you a bonus
And make sure that you start there to get the easy points, then you can spend as much time as possible on that lane.
During in that session, you can combine it with the high speed bonus reaching over 100 Kmh and you can get tons of points and get more coins easily.

Once getting more coins, remember not to purchase any upgrades and it will be better not to spend your coins on anything until you have enough money to purchase the second car.
After having enough cash, you can start using it in some upgrades
At this point, you should save for the third car and that is the one to upgrade a bit to up your game.

When purchasing some upgrades for your car, having the Handling and Braking are more important upgrades whereby you will need to have a perfect, flawless control of your car when driving it on the road
Thus, just invest in these first to improve your chances of staying in the game for as long as possible.

On the other side, you will sometimes drive your car in opposite way
For such reasons, you have to use the brakes a lot and it will be useful when you get numerous occasions when the lanes will be blocked in this game.
So just use the brakes and slow down a lot and wait for an opening.
Although getting little points for driving at low speeds, you will still get a ton of points.
Furthermore, you can drive fast but you should also use the brakes and keep your speed low whenever necessary and risk as little as possible.

Ans, when driving your car, always watch on the upper side of the screen to see incoming traffic and pick the best lane, like in the middle
Driving your car in the middle lane will give you more room so that you can steer left or right if your car decides to change lanes.
Also, always look ahead and do it better as you will be better prepared for incoming traffic

In addition, this game features gold coins and cash as the main currencies of this game
Every time you can go far and avoid incoming car successfully, you will earn a bunch of coins
Then, if you can successfully accomplish each challenge you will earn cash that you can use to purchase a better car
Thus, just try to drive safely and fast in order to get high score, coins and cash as well


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