How to Get High Score and 3 Stars in Magic Colors iPhone

Magic Colors can be said as a geometric jigsaw puzzle game where you will be assigned to successfully put together the colorful triangles at their places within the hexagons.

magic colors walkthrough ios android

On the other words, you must try to align geometrical figures and form the hexagon that is indicated in the upper corner image using least amount of moves.

Anyway, this game will be good at exercising for the brain where you must manage the different strategies to go through 40 addicting levels.

When going to play it for the first time, you may see that an image pattern of the final colored hexagons is given for all levels
Here, you must try your best to match them as fast as you can

To make your steps easier, you will also be given with free hints for all levels
You can use these free hints on all levels to overcome the upper levels where you find the indicated hexagon very challenging.

And, you will be given with controls options that will involve you to swipe the figure across the screen in order to get it to the desired position.
It will be easy when playing in early levels, then upper levels are getting harder to complete, in that controls remain just as intuitive to use.

To match the color, just swipe across the screen to move the triangle
Then, you can move the triangle to the adjacent hexagon through the intersecting area
In the mean time, you can simply tap screen or appoint hexagon center to change the active hexagon
If you can do it well, you will be able to pass each level when it matches the target pattern in the same colors

Anyway, your achievement will be measured with a star rating ranging from 1 to 3 for each level, where you will be asked to finish the level using a minimum amount of moves.
At this point, you will be encouraged to try and use least amount of moves in each level as to get the 3 star score.


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