How to Get High Points Coins to Unlock New Characters in Eco Birds iPhone

Eco Birds from Storm Watch Games can be included into a fun and addictive tap-to-fly game which you can recently play on the ios and android platforms

eco birds walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to guide a bird to stop evil villains from cutting down trees, polluting the oceans, and destroying the environment by pooing on their heads and replanting trees.

In other words, you will simply help the Eco Birds home and environment from being destroyed by Big Oil, Deforestation, Toxic Polluters, and others

So, your main objective here is to focus on eco-friendly theme, in which if you replant more trees and hit the villains while you are flying, you will gain score that will come to higher

To battle with enemies, you will get limited amount of poops, which you can conserve them by only pooping on the things that matter.

Each time you poop on a bad guy or a tree stump, you will get eco points
Also, try to pre-fire your poop and hit your target to get more points
In the mean time, you can still jump even if running out of poop.

Early on the game, you will play with Cuckoo Cate as the starting bird.
Every bird in this game will come along with their own unique ability

And, your first bird named Cate will have the ability to glide.
To do this, just tap then hold without letting go to make Cate glide so that it will slow her descent to cover long stretches of ground without expending poop to jump.

Coins seems to be the main currency which you have to collect to unlock new characters
To get them, all you will do is to complete the achievements

In line with this, these achievements will get you to revive a certain amount of trees or poop on a specific amount of people.
Sometimes, they may be harder to complete, but they will give you more coins once you can complete it

And, each time, you run on the levels and complete it, you will get those coins for free
With enough coins you have got from each level, you can use them to purchase new birds which own new strengths.

To get strong birds, you can start with Timmy Tucan since it has the passive ability to double coin bonus, which will make you earn coins easy and fast

Later on, try to get Chris Condor’s ability which will make you get infinite energy, so tat you will not worry about running out poop which can be your weapon in the game.

In addition, playing with Buzz the Eagle will also great since it can charge up and unleash a mega poop.
So, to make stable income of coins, you can play with the said two birds


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