How to Get Golden Coins in Geometry Dash Meltdown iPhone

RobTop Games AB has continued to launch their rhythm-based platformer game, called Geometry Dash Meltdown in which this game has come along with an all new adventure on the mobile platforms

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In line with this, this game also brings new levels, new traps, and new songs to the hard as nails platformer.

Throughout the game, all you will do is to time your jumps to traverse deadly terrain, flip gravity, fly rockets while gaining score as high as you can

If you want to play this game comfortably, you must enable music and sounds then listen to the beat of that song
By following the beat of the song, it will really help you when to jump.

During your action, you will also have to collect coins and gain high score
Each level in the game will get you to grab all golden coins hidden around there

But, in your attempt to get each coins in each level, you may need to memorize and grab it fast since you will deal with the obstacles at the same time

Early on the game, it will highly be recommended to play this game in the practice mode first
In this mode, you will be able to play through the same exact level but you will also have the option to leave behind green diamonds.

In line with this, diamonds in this game will act as checkpoints, in which you can leave one before performing a particularly tricky segment as much as you want.
By playing this mode, you can also unlock some of the customization options

It can be concluded that playing this game is all about to memorize routes and coins spot in each level
Therefore, playing through the levels enough times will give you the whole layout from the back of your hand.

On the other side, this game also features currency in form of gold coins
As said earlier, you will be able to collect gold coins along the level when you perform your jumps

Besides, you can also get these coins by watching the ad videos which will pop up when you cannot complete the level


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