How to Get Golden Bugs in Cooped Up iPhone

Again, the apple store has a new guest, that is a new endless jumping game wrapped in Cooped Up game
This game is developed by Nitrome Inc that is specifically designed for the iOS and Android platforms.

cooped up walkthrough ios android

This game is a kind of the slingshot mechanic, where you will play as a small, fully grown feathered bird that is stuck in a coop full of baby chickens
Looking at this, you will have to get out and escape while avoiding all of the chickens and collecting all of the bugs in each stage as much as you can.

Except golden bugs, this game may contain coins which can be collected within the game for free, or you can purchase them with real money or via earned via promotions in iap store.

To do your action in each stage, it will be nice to pull back on the rope by touching anywhere on the screen.
When aiming, you can either aim straight up or sideways by a little or by a lot.
At this point, if you have a chick on your level coming after you but you need to get on the other side of it, you can try to do a weaker sideways aim to fly over it.

Along the game, all you will do is to try to avoid the nice variety of crazy looking birds each with their own unique movements

Also, you must try collecting different bugs to fill your boost meter, that will give you plenty to focus on while making your way to the top of the leaderboard with your score.

When doing your action there, you will see a golden beetle flying upwards, that will award you with a free continue if you can nab it.

Later on, you must try to watch out for the fast-moving chicks on space 4, and other spaces as these are the ones that will kill you the fastest.
They will disappear off of the side of the screen, they will appear back and try to knock you out if you are not paying attention in them.
Thus, just try to watch their pattern before trying to jump past them so that you will know the right time to jump.

On the other side, do not to focus on collecting the insects or you will end up getting side tracked and crashing into too many birds.
If you want to get more insects, you can go for only the ones that are really easy to get from your current position.
It will not only give you an access to get a higher score, but you will collect more of the insects in the long run.

Anyway, this game will always comes along with the advertisements scattered on the screen
In order to get rid of the ads, all you will do is to set the phone into airplane mode or you can turn off the data and WiFi connection.
Meanwhile, if you want to give your appreciation toward the developer, you can spend a dollar to make the ads not to appear again while you playing.


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