How to Get Gold Gems for Perfect Cards Deck in BattleHand iPhone

Recently, the apple store has a new guest that is an extremely exciting card battler or 3D action RPG, called BattleHand in which this game is developed by Kongregate

battlehand walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be able to create your team consisting of some heroes types such as elves, mages, and fighters, then send them to battle to deliver powerful attacks to beat the evil minions of Queen Amethyst

Be sure to find their ancient weapons, relearn old battle spells, before going to the battle with the forces of Queen Amethyst.

Along the game, always consider to focus on completing the missions which will increase your Fame level fast and progress through the game at ease.

Later on, you may have to upgrade your cards when building a great deck
In line with this, just upgrade the minimum required to complete the quests and keep playing with your basic cards until you hit the wall and you can no longer progress through the game.

In order to build the perfect deck, every hero has specific cards they can equip among a ton of cards in your collection

On the other side, do not bring all your super high damage cards into the deck
Anyway, you require fast cards when an enemy has just a bit of health left

Always make sure to have one shield and one healing card in your deck
Also, bring one hero as as healer or support
At this point, you can also combine with high damage cards and quick ones.

Meanwhile, each hero has an element and one element is strong against another
In accordance with this, you can try to have about half or half + 1 element cards for the bonus effect.
Always have some neutral cards when facing elements you are weak against.

After making progresses through some missions, you must upgrade your cards
When doing so, start with your best cards such as the rarest ones determined by the stars displayed on them

And, having a better card will be great to replace the other cards to gain some extra upgrade materials.
Consider to upgrade a fire card with a fire booster to get more XP points.
Then, you can start using the element booster on the same element cards to get maximum gains

When battling with enemies, just bring shield cards
With a good shield, you will can then play the healing cards
Then, when attacking, you can select the cards which will contribute to hit your opponent before they strike first.

And, if you see the enemies to prepare a healing move, you can perform an attack after they heal their friends

For further, you can start grinding by completing the older stages over and over again
Doing so will gain you extra experience, gold coins and items.
So, it will be great to start using Auto Battle.

Always watch each hero’s special power indicated by the meter on the right
If it fills up and when it completely filled, you can unleash the special skill called the Hero Trait.
Be sure to activate them soon they are unlocked which will make all battles go at ease.

Furthermore, you will have the chance to hire more heroes if your Fame level increases
At that moment, you can unlock elements that you do not have whereby they will be helpful for future stages
But, be sure to check out their traits to get the one whose traits you like the most.

In addition, this game will feature gems as the premium currency
Besides, you will often get gold every time you can beat the enemies in the battle
Gems will also come if you can complete missions once you have accomplished some battles in the game
For now, it may be the only way to get some extra gems for free


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