How to Get Gold for Extra Lives in Candy Crush Jelly Saga iPhone

Recently, Candy Crush Jelly Saga from King is the most popular among matching three game on the apple store and android market

candy crush jelly saga walkthrough ios android

Similar to any matching three games out there, this game will get you match three objects in the same shape and color to make a combo

In the way of chaining the combos, you will sometimes deal with enemy such as the Pufflers
When dealing with them, they always hide behind frosting on the board.

Therefore, you must try to complete a move and reveal a bit of a Puffler without completely removing it from the board, as they will hide again if frosting is available on the board.

To deal with this, you must plan your moves and try to remove the frosting from the board without necessarily revealing the Pufflers right now.

Just remove the frosting in the difficult to reach places such as corners to prevent them from hiding there when you reveal them.

In the mean time, you will see them under the frosting when a level starts
For such reasons, be sure to take a few moments to find where their location is.

If you find them in a corner or a hard to reach place, you can try to reveal a bit of them and force them to move around.

In the attempt to get rid of them, they will sometimes make some noise when moving on the board
Meanwhile, you can follow their trail by looking at the frosting which they are shaking
Dong so will make you know exactly where they will move and where they will hide next

Sometimes, using the special candy will come in handy to get rid of them
You can do this in any game mode, including those where you must find the Pufflers
For such reasons, you must try to get as much special candy as possible deal with that creatures fast.
And, if you manage to reveal the Puffler completely, just try to stripe candies there

In addition, this game will feature gold bars as the premium currency
Each time, you can complete a level, you will get score and gold bonus that you can use to get more moves or lives in the game

Later on, all you will do is to try completing any stage to get more gold bars which always be useful to make a purchase in the game and unlock the next level


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