How to Get Gold Cooler Money Tree in Rapala Fishing Daily Catch iPhone

Rapala: Daily Catch from Concrete Software in categorized into a new fishing game which is specially designed for the iOS and Android devices

rapala fishing daily catch walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to fish anywhere and any time for gold, for silver coins, and enroll in various angling challenges.

To do this, you must attract the fish that you want by casting the lure out to the hot spot.
After a while, you will see where the fish are jumping
Once spotting that fish, you can try aiming the lure target there and cast it for the fist.

In this game, every lure will come along with its own secret pattern.
To figure out this, you can cast the lure and let it fall into the water, then swipe in various directions.
So, each lure will have its own, and you must experiment to discover which ones works the best for you.

Usually, doing the first swipe will make a blue pulsing circle coming around the lure.
And the second and third correct swipes will make slightly larger blue circles to come up there
Moreover, the fourth swipe will make a big one appear which may cover the screen for a while.

If the fish bites it, make sure to swipe up to set the hook in its mouth
At this moment, you must be quick or the fish will escape.
When doing so, try not to pull the lure back too fast

In the mean time, you can do the secret swipes every once in awhile but not one after the other.
If the lure stays in the water longer, it will be better.

As usual, this game will come along with gold as the premium currency
In order to get that gold, you can catch big fish

Alternatively, if you want to get it fast, you can watch a video icon
Once doing so, you will get free silver coins

On the other side, if you are about to run out of lures and coins, just try to watch the ad videos as much as possible

If you more have gold coins, you can get more lure.
Meanwhile, you can also earn free gold by going to the in-app purchase store and tapping the free gold option.

After tapping it, you will be served with as offer wall offering some offers to be completely completed for coins
Just tap them to get your favorites offers completed for coins.

Early on the game, you will be allowed to fish in one area of Lake Minnetonka
Then, once gaining experience levels, you will unlock a lot more areas to go for fishing there.

In accordance with this, you will open up the various lakes first, then you will be able to fish in new lakes around the USA.
By unlocking new lakes, you will get a chance for fishing big fishes that will come to more coins and experience levels which will increase your level for your character


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