How to Get Gold Coins in Soccer Superstar 2016 World Cup Android

Genera Games has launched Soccer Star 2016 World Cup as a sport game on the android platform where you will get a chance to become the best soccer player in the world.

soccer super star 2016 world cup walkthrough ios android

All you will do in this game is to lead your team to get your victory by scoring up more goals in the best stadiums.

Besides, you must also improve your player`s skills to help you arise in your soccer career to be the real score hero in the game

In the way of managing your own professional soccer career, you can get scouted as a striker, midfielder or defender and get renowned sponsors.

To help your job run easier, you can also hire your agent, who will manage the finances to increase your income
You can also hire your physical trainer, who will help you optimize your physical condition to get the triumph in each match

Your main objective in this game is to score up many goals, reach fame and get more fans
Moreover, you will also have to earn money in form of gold coins to purchase extravagant and luxurious items equipped for your players

To grow up your career, you will also have to manage your relations with the fans, and with your teammates, coach and sponsors, as well as making correct decisions to shape your career as a professional soccer player.

On the other side, you can also perform every goal, free kick, penalty and assistance to impress FIFA and to generate some more coins from your activities

Always consider to work hard and train your skills such as power, technique, free-kicks
So, just start the season with your favorite national team and get a chance to get the trophy of each competition such as u-17 world cup, u-19 world cup, u-21 world cup, u-23 world cup and World Cup.

Be sure to train your players consisting of 3 basic skills then rule the pitch with your goals and get high score in each game.

You will also have to overcome each challenge to get reward and achievement
Also, you will get the experience points to level up your player.

Once getting enough coins, you can use them to purchase the best sport equipment and train hard in the gym to power up your player

You can also use the coins in the shop to get items that will increase your lifestyle and allow you to get more bonuses.

You may need to hire a personal trainer to help you manage your energy level and he will remind you when you need to train a special skill before losing it.
Also, get an agent to improve your finance and increase your salary considerably.

On the other side, you can also get 3 slots for your gear.
Boots will increase your strength.
Shin pads will improve your free kicks.
GYM Sessions will improve your technique.

Along the game, your coach will inform you if you are picked for the next match.
Sometimes, you may only be brought on as a sub, or left on the bench the entire game

Each tie, you do a match, you will get experience points to level up your player
Each time, your level increases, you can get better contracts to increase your salary

Meanwhile, you will need energy to improve your skills and relationships, that you can do by playing in the next match

In related to the energy drinks, you will have 3 slots, which you can get from the shop with coins.
Be sure to get special drinks to increase your skills and relationships


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