How to Get Gold Coins in Kingdoms Charge Android

IGG has come to android along with the most exciting mobile RPG wrapped in Kingdoms Charge
In this game, you should guide a team of Heroes through a fantasy world where you can find forgotten magic and ancient technology there.

kingdoms charge walkthrough ios android

Before going to battle with some enemies in this game, you must firstly learn the abilities and stats of your heroes

Hyleoroi is Starter Hero and Agility Hero, Back-row attacker.
Her is too many arrows that can be unleashed into the air that will rain down on enemies.
With Frost Arrow, she can shoot a frost arrow at an enemy, that can deliver physical damage and decreasing its Attack Speed and movement speed.

With Disruption, she can shoot an arrow preventing multiple enemies from using magic skills.
With Empower, she can unleash an empowering aura, that can increase your team’s Attack Power.

Anyway, she can attack and provide support.
Be sure to put her on the back row, as she can snipe enemies from afar with her bow.

Asteria’s Priestess is Intelligence Hero, Back-Row Support and she can restore the HP of everyone on your team with her skill, Healing Breeze

She can also unleash spines to pierce all enemies with Thorny Spines.
She can also charm an enemy into attacking their own team mate.
With her Nature’s Blessing, she can reduce physical DMG received.
Her role in a team is a support as she can heal multiple targets.

Lancelot is a melee hero, front-row tank.
He can summon a charging specter that stuns enemies for a short time on hit with specter skill
He can also summon a spectral sword to attack enemies with Spectral Sword skill
With Blade Storm skill, he can swing your blade, dealing damage to all surrounding enemies.
Righteous Call is as Lancelot’s heart filled with righteousness, that can increase his Strength.

On the other side, he is one of the first heroes that the player starts out with.
His intelligence, agility, strength and other stats are all relatively well-balanced.
Be sure to put him on the front row, as he has admirable defense.
His skill set is focused on dealing damage on the battlefield, and he is a competent hero for your team.

Once learning your heroes stats and skills, you can now be ready to battle with enemies in each stage
Every time, you complete each mission, you will be granted with gold that will be handy to upgrade the stats of your heroes


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