How to Get Gold Coins in Fight Age Call of Hero Android

In this action game, Fight Age: Call of hero designed specially for android platform, you will be brought to run through the streets of a big city which is full of gangs, criminals and hooligans.

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You will have to control the strongest fighter of the city, in that you will have to beat bandits and cleanse the city from them.

To control the streets, you must show the power of martial arts and fight enemy with your skills.
You can perform some martial art skills, that you can do by fighting with your arms and legs, as well as jumping and using combos to beat enemies with ease.

Later on, by beating each enemy on the street, you will then level up your hero, as well as learning new skills and moving on the next stage.
In related to these levels, you should beat various levels, beat various enemies and strong bosses in order to reach more than 100 levels
To do this, you must learn 10 different skills and you must perform unique combo as well

During in the game, be sure to check your status as this shows your current HP, SP and level
At this point, SP can store up by attacking the enemy, in that each casting skill will consume one block SP.

In the mean time, you have also to check the combo meter that shows the current combo number, in which it will activate ultimate mode.
Here, casting skills will not consume SP when they are in the ultimate mode.

Every time you beat enemies in the gang battle, you will earn gold coins, as the main currency of this game that you can use to purchase maximum value of HP SP and other items.

Also, you can use that gold to upgrade your items so that this upgrade will come to more attribute points
remember that, every time you use your skills, they will have different cooldown time
At this phase, Casting skills at good time will be able to increase the combo number

Every time you perform any actions and win the gang battle, you will gain a rating, that will come to the different gold award that is based on your rating you get.


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