How to Get Gold Coins for High Score in Crozzy Maze iPhone

Tigrido has launched Crossy Maze on the iOS and Android markets, which will get you to go through various mazes, full of terrific traps and enemies to beat to unlock the next stage

crossy maze walkthrough ios android

In the mean time, you will also have to repaint the colors of the squares, discover new rooms and gain high score
Later on, you will then unlock new characters.

To play this game, you merely swipe your character to step on the squares
During in the game, the enemies will often follow you
To deal with this, you should make sure that they follow you far away from the route you need to go through
Afterward, you can then go the direction and step on all of the squares.
You can beat all enemies on the board by swiping them with a sword

Every time, you can go through each stage and beat all enemies there, you will get score and gold that you can use to unlock new characters coming along with different perks
Here, you will have more sword or more life
And, the others will come along with new types of weapons.
You can also equip your character with a sword that you can get with all collected gold

You can also get free gold by watching the ad videos
In line with this, just go to the store and purchase hearts, coins, or bombs with gold.
For further, when you are about to get free gold again, make sure to watch the ad videos

Moreover, you can also collect more gold by purchasing the gold piggy
With this item, you will get 5 times more gold for every coin you collect.


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