How to Get Gold Cash in Tap Sports Baseball 2015 iPhone

Glu has brought the all-star game wrapped in Tap Sports Baseball 2015 which is the latest entry in the popular Tap Sports series in the apple store.

tap sports baseball 2015 walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be allowed to pick your lineup from a wide range of real life major league players, then challenges other players for gold and cash, and try to be top on the leaderboards

During the play, just keep your eyes open when the pitcher throws the ball.
In the mean time, try not to attempt to swing at balls veering away from you in which it will result in a strike.
Otherwise, just watch the ball for a second.
And, do not swing if the ball turns to the side and it is not going to be within hitting range
At the same time, just wait for an opportune pitch to hit it hard.

Always check, the statistic of your team
Every batter will have 4 different stats such as hitting, power speed and bunt.
Hitting is the batter’s ability to hit the ball with a straight shot.
Power is the strength of the batter to drive the ball further if he has great power.
Speed is how fast the batter will run the bases.
Bunt is the bunting strength of the batter.

On the other side, your pitchers will also have their own stats.
Arm will control how hard the pitcher will throw the ball.
Control is also to point to the pitcher’s accuracy.
Stuff is the ability of the pitcher to throw the tricky balls.

After playing this game for a while, you will be allowed to play bonus games which are sort of pre-recorded in the sense where you don not have to wait for your opponent to take their turn
It means that, you can play all the way to the end as you wish.

Moreover, playing in this bonus game will be great way to earn gold and coins as well
Also, playing on quick bonus games are exactly like the bonus games, except they start you out right at the 9th inning.

On the other side, if you want to go for a particularly tough team, just try to call upon the aid of franchise players.
Here, franchise players will be powerful 5-star players that are a valuable asset to any team.
You can use your coins to hire one of the franchise players at any time.
To make some coins, you have to defeat your opponents.

Note that, these franchise players can only play in a certain amount of games before they will get automatically removed from you team

Later on, you will get the option to perform a steal or bunt.
Bunts here are when the batters hit the ball lightly, that will make it roll along the field instead of launching it.
Doing this will be pretty nice for opening short windows for your runners to steal a single base.

Meanwhile, Steals are when you make your runners go to another base without the ball being batted.
Anyway, this will be a high risk high reward move
So, if your runner is “caught stealing”, then it will be included in an automatic out.
Always remember to consider the field before performing an advanced strategy.



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