How to Get Gold and Diamonds in Fieryland Android

In Fieryland game, diamonds and gold are the main currencies that you will need to purchase some items in this game.

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During the event of this game, you will get a chance to get characters of fieryland, gather up all nine characters turn into rewards
Moreover, you can get double rewards in Escort Quest and Daily Questions during the event.

In Flower Rankings, you must improve your rankings through presenting flowers.
Try to get corresponding material packages such as the first prize that can achieve gorgeous title which lasts for a week.
During the event time of recharge, you can get corresponding rewards according your recharge order

Then, when you recharge appointed amount, you will get one chance to shift the Big Wheel.
In line with this, you simply click on the shift button, so that the pointer will stop and you will get some rewards there.

In the Blessing Rankings, you can earn blessing value through the toasting and fireworks during the process of wedding
In the mean time, when the blessing value reaches certain degree, you will earn your titles, so just check the title details through the “character” interface.

In Friend Blessing, the system will show you a hint when your friends upgraded, and you can send them gold gifts or precious diamond packages.
With diamonds, you can spend them for degeneration, after that your equipment will transform as well

When going to orange equipment casting, it is only orange debris that can be used for equipment casting, it will open till you reach LVL60, then tap Casting to check further info.
Here, you can cast only one equipment by day by using gold.

In order to get scratch card, you must try to beat the monster in the battlefield
Then, you can scratch the card and get strings there.
At this point, if your string is the same with the winning string, you will get the corresponding rewards.

In the way of collecting gold in this game, you can then go through some quest by defeating some creatures then submit your quests afterward
Every time, you reach new level, you will be granted with some rewards including diamonds


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