How to Get Gems Trophy for Package Bonie in Nice Shot Golf iPhone

Nice Shot Golf from Netmarble Games can be categorized into a new golfing RPG which you can play both on the iOS and Android devices.

nice shot golf walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will have to complete the main objective that is to take back the land for good by winning golf tournaments
Later on, you will also have to upgrade your character to ensure domination in the game.

When you are about to upgrade your character, you can firstly upgrade her outfit.
Surely, you can do this by using trophies or coins
Upgrading on new outfits will give you different stat boosts.

For further, in order to upgrade an existing uniform, you can try to sacrifice previous outfit items to boost it

On the other side, you must also upgrade your clubs which requires gems
In line with this, you can get those gems by progressing through courses.

When upgrading a club in such a way, upgrading the driver will affect distance
However, an upgrade will cause a slight decrease in the other stats
Therefore, you must consider if such upgrade is worth it first like upgrading the driver.

Sometimes, you may stuck on a level, because of not having powerful enough clubs
And, you will not know what you need to drive the ball the required distance to get onto the green.

For such reasons, you can replay the older levels
Replaying the older levels will be useful to collect more rewards, coins and other goodies.

Alternatively, you can go to the PvP mode to compete against other players in a competition of skill in which this will provide you more rewards such as coins and gemstones, the main currencies of this game.

Besides, you can get more gold coins in villagers where you will get to liberate their golf courses
Each time you do so, the coins will continue to come up to be collected as rewards
Always make sure to check your mailbox for rewards when you see a little ! icon coming up next to it.

In addition, be sure to consider to complete each course and win the match against other players online
The more champion you get, the more gems coins you will get
So, you can challenge other players to get more these currencies

Moreover, winning in tournament will grant you more trophies which may be useful to get some packages in this game


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