How to Get Gems Jewels in KingsRoad iPhone

KingsRoad is developed by Rumble Games that has offered an action RPG where you will be able to pick between three hero classes namely knight, archer, and wizard.
Afterward, you will go through various environments, and fighting enemies standing in your way.

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When starting this game for the first time, you will have to complete a level to gain mastery points.
In the first time completion, you will be able to gain mastery level 1 for that level.
Once leveling up, you will be rewarded with 5 gems as your reward
Here, you are able to do this 4 more times, then you can level up your mastery for that specific level up to a maximum of 5 level.
Once getting maximum points, you will get 50 gems.
For further, if you need some gems, you must try mastering some levels

Once getting enough gems, you must save them for inventory unlocks
You can try to expand your inventory by spending 300 gems for a couple more slots.
Always remember not to spend your gems on the rare chests, as you will be making your own equipment.

In this game, you will also find additional party members to make your questing easier.
To party with your friends, you can gain a 25% bonus for experience and gold.
Also, you will get your own loot to share with each other

Besides, you must also try to join a guild, in which you can join one with the highest level, because they will probably have the guild bonuses unlocked.
You can have some bonuses such as a increased health and mana, more gold drops, increased experience gain, reduced cost of food and potions, and more

During in the battle with enemies, some of them have powerful attacks and spells that have a bit of wind-up time to them.
In line with this, if you see an enemy start to charge, or if they start glowing area on the ground, you have to move out of the way
And, you can dodge the attack if you are far enough from the enemy or the target area.

On the other side, you can also try to fuse old equipment
In this section, you should pick the rarity, but you can also start out with only being able to fuse Fine rarity items.
At this point, you will require to put together 3 Common rarity items to fuse 1 Fine rarity.
Once your hero levels up, you will unlock rarer levels to fuse with.
Every level will use a certain amount of items from the previous rarity.

In order to refine your equipment, you will really need jewels
Jewels here can be socketed into empty sockets on pieces of equipment that will come to small bonuses.
Also, you can try to combine jewels to power up a single jewel.

Then, each time you intend to insert or remove a jewel, you will be offered with a small gold fee, which will then get bigger based on the rarity of the jewel.
And, if you want some extra gold, you can exchange some jewels with gold
In the mean time, you can also sacrifice extra jewels to power up a single jewel.
Thus, after you find the jewel hit maximum level, you will be able to evolve it if you have the right materials
For such reasons, doing this will permanently increase its bonus stats.


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