How to Get Gem Doubler in Wizard Golf RPG iPhone

Floor 27 Industries along with Wizard Golf RPG will allow you to take a role as a wizard casting as few spells as possible to get to the exit of each dungeon.

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In order to get the way out of each level, you have to fight and eliminate monsters, while gathering up loot and upgrading your skills.

In this game, you will set about working your way through various 12 courses and every course contains 9 holes, with new courses unlocked through reaching a par score in the previous one.

To direct that wizard is simple as you simply drag your finger in the direction you want him to go, and hit the ‘cast spell’ button, then hit it again when it redirects you to the desired power you need

Along the game, enemies will be an important part of the game, which will get you to get through the courses using as few magic spells as possible in order to vanquish them.

Once beating them, you will be rewarded with new items, such as a boomerang, gradually become available and can boost your powers and bomb rod that you can have by using the loot which you have collected throughout the game.

Be sure to go for par and collect hidden skulls in each stage, as well as unlocking new sections.
Once making a progress in this game, physics also plays a role with various holes that give you with things to bounce off of or around.

In the way of progressing in each level, you will also have to gather up gems that you can use to purchase upgrades and new spells so that you can use them to hit monsters with your spells.
Also, remember to find golden skulls to unlock new courses.

Throughout the game, you will be able to explore diverse environments such as castles, dungeons, grassy fields, and hellish depths

On the other side, having the gem-doubler will speed up grinding
But, with 800 gems will not even get you the first level of some spells
Moreover, they will only get more expensive as they become more powerful

In line with this, getting more gem doubler in this game will be more expensive if you attempt to get it in each stage
Alternatively, you can purchase it through iap store that will give you gem doubler to collect more gems throughout the stage

Meanwhile, without gem doubler, you will still continue to the next stage while collecting every single gem scattered on each stage


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