How to Get Free Money in Daytona Rush iPhone

Daytona Rush has been a new endless driving game for iOS and Android that is developed by Invictus Games
This game also comes along with a novel lane-switching setup where you will have to try to take over the other racers in a stage

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In the mean time, you will also race laps as long as you can, as well as collecting more cash and upgrading your car so that you can do it all over again for rewards in form of money or cash, which is as the main currency of this game.

Later on, you can make your efforts more worthwhile by getting a double of your earnings after every race
And, you have to go through every race where you can earn enough cash to get a big boost from doubling.

You can do this by tapping on the button to double, and you will watch an advertisement video.
Afterward, you can then have double what you initially earned for that one specific race.
Keep doing so if you want to double earnings in this game.

After doing so you can upgrade the engine, the running gear and the body on your car with all of the money that you saved up throughout stages.

Just upgrade the engine to increase the speed of your car and to boost the fuel economy.
Meanwhile, upgrading the running gear will speed up each one of your lane changes.
And, upgrading the body will increase the amount of hits that you can take before you lose a round.

On the other side, you will be provided with three missions that you have to accomplish per race in order to level up your character.

Every time you have completed a mission, a new mission will come up in its place
Usually, one mission will be significantly easier than the other two in which it will make it easier on yourself by doing one mission at a time as much as possible, then crash yourself after you finish that one mission.

As stated earlier, by completing each mission, you can level up your character and you will have a chance to purchase a new better car.
Having new car will require a lot of money, so after unlocking the slot in the shop, you have to concentrate on earning a lot of money in races.

In accordance with this, you can go farther in a race and make sure to accomplish each mission to earn more money.
Moreover, you can also gather up your money by running into cars, but that will sometimes take you out of the race if you do that too often.

Furthermore, you will get involved in the race that will cause your car to take the damage form your opponent`s car

Because of this, you can undo all of the damage that you have taken during a race
At this point, just search for the wrench popping up in the middle of the race and pick it up.
Just do this to get your car fixed completely, then hit the pit lane whenever it appears to restore your gas before the next lap starts.
Make sure to watch gas indicator at the left top on the screen and wrench at the right top on the screen while racing with our rivals in this game


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