How to Get Free Gems in Monopoly Bingo iPhone

Similar to other bingo games out there, Monopoly Bingo by TeamLava offers you some collectibles and boosts that will make it a unique enough experience.

monopoly bingo walkthrough ipad android

Along the game, you will have your main goal that is to explore the various neighborhoods of Monopoly, play bingo and get some rewards in form of gems, boosters and some new cards.

Playing this game for a while will level up your character, that will allow you to unlock the ability and play with more cards at the same time.
But, do not play with more cards until you know that you can keep up unless, you are a very well verse mobile bingo player.
Anyway, you can keep up with the winning bingo combos, especially the four-corners combinations at one time.

In order to get more bonuses, you simply tap the energy bar once getting one bonus, as this will give you a variety of bonuses, such as free random daubs, a star on the board, cash squares and gem squares as well.
Getting a star on the board will easily be the best one, as if you daub the star, you will get an instant bingo.
The others bonuses can also lead to a faster bingo or better boosts.

Having the free daub boost will get you to daub spaces freely
At this point, make sure to use the chance card boost to see what happens next, then you can try to daub the numbers ahead of time.
Afterward, you can then wait until the numbers are called, and you can hit the bingo button faster than other players on the board.
If you can hit the button faster, you will have better chances of beating other players to the punch.

Gems are the main currency of this game that you can get them for free by downloading the other games offered by the developer

When you go for a number of quests, they will sometimes involve random other games by Team Lava, such as Dragon Story or Farm Story 2.
Here, all you will have to do is simply to download and play those games then go back to the quest menu to complete the quests in Monopoly Bingo for having excellent rewards, in form of gems or dice.

In addition, you can ask your friends to send you gems as a gift
You can add friends on Facebook and you can send gifts back and forth with them.
Thus, the more you add some friends, the more rewards you will get for bonus.


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