How to Get Free Diamonds in World War Toy Android

World War Toy is an amazingly beautiful strategy game that is made by ToyDog Games where you will have to build a perfect base, defend it and win all the missions in the single player campaign or in the Arena featured in this game.

world war of toy walkthrough ios android

Early on, you have to upgrade your Flags to the maximum levels as it will decide the size of your army
Here, if you allow bigger population, you will have large army so that you will have better defense for your base and defeat the others base.

To get better start and get some loots, focus on winning in the arena first, but you spend all the money you get on upgrades first.

On the other side, you can change your focus on the campaign, then return and master all the missions once you have better troops unlocked or you have them leveled up.

During in the campaign, each boss gives you a number of free spins, which will give you a chance to win some equipment for your hero and other goodies as well.
In the mean time, you will also earn free diamonds and big chances for collecting extra items

Try to set up preferred formations and adapt based on the defenses of the opponent.
If single player missions can constantly be tackled with similar formations, be sure to switch them when attacking other players.

Meanwhile, you can also try to focus on your troops to be placed in the defense center, as you will keep attackers away for a long time.
At this point, you can start with a row of melee vehicles, followed by machine gunners and mortar guys.
Then go with a row of riflemen backed up by Grenadiers.
Applying that strategy will fill your defensive lines

Also, try to put your melee units with 1 square range in front, then followed by the long range units those with the longest range at the end.
Behind those, go with another line of melee units as all troops until them are destroyed and back them up with ranged units again.

Anyway, this game will offer you rewards in form of the daily log in bonus, the level rewards, and even the random bonuses that you can spin for after a specific period of time has passed.
Besides, you will have the missions, the possibility to ask help from your clan mates
You will also get a chance of gathering up a lot of rewards form them as they will help you push forward.

After going through some missions completions, you will have the money that you should use to upgrade your Headquarters, then work on your buildings until they reach the maximum level.
The core of this game is to have everything maxed up as soon as possible
After flags, your troops should be your main priority, followed by the Air Base planes, then Defense Center, Barracks and all the other buildings.
Upgrading to the max will give you better strength in offense and defense


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