How to Get Extra Purple Gems in Pet Shop Story Renaissance Android

TeamLava Games has come to apple store along with Pet Shop Story Renaissance game where you will be able to create your own Pet Shop consisting of some of favorite lovable animals

pet shop story renaissance walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will simply design, decorate, and gather up hundreds of adorable pets
Early on this game, you will start with purchasing some pets on the Market.
Here, you will simply select the pet you want, tap on it and place playpen on an empty area in your shop.

Anyway, every pet you have bought from the Market will come with their own playpen.
And, you can only have one playpen for each breed of pet.
Also, you can move playpens or items which you have already placed in your shop by tapping “MOVE” on the main screen.
Then you merely tap any object, drag it to a new location, and tap the green check mark to confirm its new location.

Later on, after having two adults of the same pet, you can breed babies in the nursery.
When breeding your pets babies, you should have an empty bed and if all your beds are full, you can either purchase a new one, or wait for the baby in the first bed to finish growing.

After the baby has finished to grow, you have to return to the nursery to move it to its playpen with its family.
By breeding that babies, you will have more pets in a family, in which they will earn you more money that pet family earns for the shop

Once reaching a certain level for your shop, you can visit the designer, in that you can try to pair up pets to create an entirely new breed.
Remember that when purchasing new pets from the market, take a look at the heart collar icon that is indicated that it can be taken to the designer to create a new breed

In order to make a new breed with the designer, you should have an empty pillow for each pet you want to cross-breed.
At this point, you can simply choose a pet for the left side or for the right side then the list will be automatically narrowed to partners fit for your first pet.
And, if you do not have any of the partners, you can get one or try a different first pet.

In this cross breeding process, the new baby pet will require time to grow with the designer.
Then, when it is growing well, just go back to the designer breeder then move it to your shop quickly.

This game features gold coins and gems as the main currencies to help you along the game
In the way of earning more coins in this game, you can collect them from pets after a certain period of time has passed.
Afterward, tap on the pets with the yellow “Collect” so that the coins will come out.
Once seeing those coins, just tap on them to pick them up and add them to your total.

In the mean time, you will also notice a “Feed” sign.
If you see this signs, just tap your pets then care for them so that experience points will pop out.
By collecting experience points, your level goes up so that your higher level shops will gain an access to new pets, displays, and features like the designer breeder.

Furthermore, you can also customize your shop with some cool items and arrange all the pet types in aisles.

To sell unwanted items that will exchange for gems, just choose the item you do not need anymore then place it into storage.
If you do not want to sell that items from storage, you can pull it out of storage, by tapping the Storage button under the main menu, or while you are being in MOVE mode.
Here, every time you make a sales form the items, you will earn gold coins or even gems



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