How to Get Extra Orbs in Venture Kid iPhone

Venture Kid from FDG Mobile Game GbR is a kind of a lovingly crafted 8-bit retro action platformer game which is made with pixels and chiptunes and it is designed for the ios devices.

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In line with this, this game is made with excellent level design, highly entertaining action levels, responsive controls and a great variety of bosses to deal with.

Similar to most old-school platformers game, patience is the key to play this game successfully
Along the game, all you will do is to jump from one platform to another
Sometimes, you will get to deal with the bigger gaps which you can handle by jumping near the very edge of a platform

At the same time, slowing down can reduce the chance of losing lives as opposed to blitzing through in record time

Before starting to jump, make sure to watch and analyse the objects on screen which can help you gain the upper hand.
If you want to shoot at most of the enemies before they move by just keeping your distance from them.
Besides, doing so will also allow you to plan out any required evasive moves.

When exploring the platform, you will not need to defeat every single enemy in the level
During at that moment, you can simply bypass certain enemies which are harder to reach.

Meanwhile, coins can also be said as the currency of this game that you can get easily by defeating every single enemy in the level
To get extra coins, they may be placed in dangerous ways which will be too risky to grab them

In this game, all stages will have areas that will branch off in other directions
And, if you can complete each stage, you will get a chance to get useful items such as coins and lives which you can use to continue playing for later levels.

In the way of collecting items and lives, they may be blocked off by destructible walls
Alongside, you must also watch out of bombs that you can use to get to the access.

Every time, you can clear each stage, you will get temporary new weapons such as boomerangs, rockets, and even ice-bombs which you can use when playing in hard stage

Anyway, you can always go to the shop to refill ammo for your weapons and get some various items such as extra lives and emergency kits to survive in later stages.

In addition, orbs is a kind of the premium currency of this game that you can collect by completing each mission in the level
By clearing each stage successfully, you may be rewarded with orbs that you can use to purchase some valuable items needed for later missions


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