How to Get Extra Moves and Lives in Pinch Candy Christmas Android

RRG has given a matching three game where you will be brought to match up some colored candies to get high score in each level

pinch candy walkthrough iphone android

Along the game, you will explore over 100 interesting levels where you will get sweet soft candies, small elk, Christmas tree as well as special magic skills to eliminate some candies in the same colors

You can also have free lucky spin, raffle tickets, daily task and some power ups that will help you in eliminating some colored candies at once

In related to these power ups, using snowman can eliminate candy and its surrounding, while using candy socks will candy disappear at once.
Using sled can eliminate a line of candy.
You can also use Christmas bells to upgrade the next ones.
Later on, you can make frozen thawed with three candies.
So just try to open and upgrade your talent-skill for extra moves and lives

On the other side, you can also get some free stuffs in this game by logging in daily anytime.
Alternatively, you can get them by doing time lapse trick that is to change your phone’s time setting.

First, close Pinch Candy by either restarting your phone or shutting it off from the task manager.
Then, set the time for 1 day or above.
Now, open the game and you will get your daily rewards there.

After getting your rewards, make sure to set back at your current date and time with these instructions
Open Pinch Candy but do not play a single game.
Close the game by restarting your phone
Next, go to time settings and change the time and date to the current time and date.

From the above instructions, you can try to use them to get free lives and moves that you will really need to continue to the next levels


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