How to Get Extra Gold Gems in Chromatic Souls iPhone

Chromatic Souls from Gamevil can be said as a new turn-based RPG designed specifically for mobile platforms the ios and android

chromatic souls walkthrough ios android

And, this game seems to bring a classic RPG feel, along with a manual battle system
Here, you will be able to select a bunch of heroes then add them to your party of four.
Later on, you can then bring them to quest through the story mode, or take them to the battle with your rival online.

Early on the game, you will be given with a bunch of gems as initial start
Your gems later on will be useful to get new equipment or on skill scrolls.

When you are about to get new equipment, be sure to keep rare equipment with rare members of the party, as it will be bound once it has been equipped.
If you wan to unbind equipment, you must unequip it, then spend gems to unbind it.

For further, you will then be able to power up your equipment with the right blend of enhanced powders
And, if you salvage an unused piece of equipment, you can get enhanced powder.

You can also get rare equipment via salvaging
In line with this, you can use it to Grant Essence to a piece of equipment, in which it will increase the base stats.

In this game, different heroes will have different roles
A sword will indicate an attacker
A shield will indicate a tank or defender
A wand will indicate a magic user
A cross will indicate a healer

Once seeing their role, you can add them with a good combination of heroes into your party to get a balanced attack and defense.

Be sure to include a tank as without their role, you will lose health fast
And, also include a healer since they will heal you to get more hp when dealing with tough battles
You can also take an attacker to deal much damage toward enemies
Also, you can make a good combination with a magic hero that can splash attacks and support spells which will be useful to take out enemies at ease.

As usual, this game will feature gems and gold as the main currencies
You will get your gold by playing int he game missions
Each time, you can complete mission, you will be rewarded with gold and gems

In order to get more free gems, all you will do is to tap the trophy icon
At this point, milestones will typically be the easiest one to get free gems as reward.

On the other side, you must also do your best action in specific dungeons and try to get ranked compared to your rival
In accordance with this, you will be rewarded with bonus in the ranking section.
Moreover, always try to complete some achievements to get the specified rewards

In the way of getting more gold, you can replay the older levels
By playing in old levels or stages, you can get extra exp to level up your heroes

If you have a friend with a very strong leader character, just save them for the new dungeons since they will tough enough to beat on your own.


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