How to Get Extra Energy Fuel in Splash Cars iPhone

Craneballs has launched their driving car game called Splash Cars which takes a unique concept and an amazing graphics where you will get to paint oozes from your machine leaving a colorful trail behind.

splash cars walkthrough ios android

To experience this game, you may have to get ios or android phone to play it
During the game, all you will do is to drive your car to color all around you while collecting coins scattered on specific area on the map

Besides, you will be watched by the cops and they will chase you wherever you will go, when they are seeing you drive free.
Their main goal is to bust you for shaking up the established order.

Early on the game, you will start with a new stage, where you should wait a while before starting to drive your car

At that time, the camera will zoom out eventually revealing the entire area so that you can watch it and learn of what is going to be thrown at you
In the mean time, you will sometimes see where the power-ups are, and the cop cars position.

When cop cars are chasing you, they will do bump into your car which will increase the damage for your car
You can get rid of them by taking the power-ups in the game.

On the other side, if you want to get closer enough to the other cars in the game, you will turn them into color-spreading vehicles.

And, each time you convert so much type of cars to your side you will get a chance at winning the stage
There, you will also see an unconverted vehicle to spread the grey back on the map, which will make your quest impossible to accomplish.

Sometimes, you will run out fuel when driving your car along the way
In order to get more fuel in this game, all you will do is to watch the ad videos
Moreover, watching that video in a stage will get you closer to unlock a new star

Seemingly, this game will assigns you to collect gold coins as much as possible
According to this, you will get a special offer early on when playing this game for the first time
By taking this offer, you will get a chance to grab some coins for free

Each time, you collect coins, you can use them to get extra energy
At this time, just go to the shop and tap the Battery icon to find out what you can purchase for extra batteries with your coins

In addition, you will also be able to unlock all cars by progressing through the levels and meeting the star requirements
Or, you can unlock them with gold coins you have collected from the game
Thus, just keep playing the game to get all cars unlocked and collect more coins for extra energy


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