How to Get Extra Crystals Credits in X-Mercs iPhone

Game Insight will take you to command your own military corporation in X-Mercs game, that you can play on the ios and android devices

x mercs invasin walkthrough ios android

This game can be categorized into a tactical turn-based strategy game where you can create your own team of battle-hardened specialist mercs

In the mean time, you will also have to build up your base of operations, gather up resources from your rivals in PvP raids
You will also have the main mission that is to wipe the alien threatening the Earth.

Along the game, planning your moves will be vital to beat the enemy in the game
Every single move will need action points in a limited number.
You can see the amount of points are located to the left on your character’s profile
And, the right hand coloring will show your health

TO play the game, you will be able to move to green or white cells, in which green cells use one point and the white cells use up two points.

White cells will be further away which are needed to cover more ground
Each time, you attack enemy, you will need action points with different types using different a different number.

Early on the game, you can try to use a sniper, which can use a trained shot to increase their accuracy
Besides, you can also activate sentry mode, which will allow your troops to pick at the enemy where they step into range.

In line with this, there will be a 15% penalty for your accuracy stat
Anyway, you will also get the benefit of chipping away at the enemies in the battlefield.

When battling with enemies, be sure to consider to take a cover each time you face enemy
You can stay behind it whenever you can when dealing with a bunch of enemies at a time.

At this point, you will also see that partial cover will reduce damage by 30% and if you get full cover you will get a 50% cover bonus.
At the same time, be sure to often check your shield when it goes red
It means that you are out in the open and your cover bonus is lost at that time.

As said earlier, you will also have to complete some missions such as building new structures or learning new parts of the game.

Your top priority is to complete the combat missions which help progress the story.
After completing certain missions, you will be granted with some bonus rewards in form of crystals and credits, the main currencies of this game

With enough crystals and credits in the game, you can purchase any valuable items to build your base and get new weapons for your mercs
Once having some advanced weapons, you will have solid mercs which will be ready to complete the next tough missions


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