How to Get Extra Cash and Points in Biz Builder Delux Android

Kairosoft has launched Biz Builder Delux game on ios and android, which is a simulation about running a small business where you can exercise your entrepreneurial skills by putting them in the position of a small business owner.

biz builder delux walkthrough ios android

Later on this game, you will have to satisfy your customer’s needs while keeping an eye on the competition then rise up and become a success businessman.

Here, you should manage a store and try to make it the best in the country and do your best to help your store then grow the town.

To start your business, hire some staff and place furnishings in your store to get ready for the grand opening.
Also, you should make a research the products that you want to sell to get their prices and your profits

Playing through the game will allow you to choose from a variety of store types, such as restaurants or retail that you can pick a new type of store after buying the rights open it.

Getting some presents will be easy when running a restaurant, and it is easier to increase sales at a retail store.

Meanwhile, retail stores and restaurants have cash registers that customers can use to gain XP.
In this game, streets stands have no registers, and museums have admission fees which are paid up front.

Try placing furnishings of the same type next to one another to make a combo, as well as boosting all of their stats.
If you do more furnishings in a combo, it will be more effective.

In line with this, placing different furnishings and advertising your store will increase your
reputation, as well as attracting more customers.
For further, you must try to place furnishings so their J’ come in contact with customers.

According to this, the arrow gauge displayed for some customers will indicate as a barometer of their desire.
At this point, if they are exposed to many J‘, the gauge will fill up that will make them purchase a lot of products before leaving the store.

When customers spend a lot of money and are exposed to many J’, the gauge at their feet will go down, in that will it signify they are becoming more satisfied.
But if it comes to 0 gauge, they will leave a present or heart in your store.

Moreover, if you see your customers to be exposed to many J‘ it means they will have a smile icon displayed over their head, and it will increase their desire to purchase some thing in your store
They will also get XP when checking out, that will increase future purchases.

Sometimes, you may get a visit from a group of customers in your store.
If you see this, they will bring you a lot of money and it will be are hard to satisfy them
But, if you can manage them well, they may leave you many hearts or other bonuses including cash.

In the way of getting hearts and gift boxes in this game, you will get them from customers shopping in your store until their “wallet” is empty, and they will get satisfied so that they will leave behind items such as hearts or presents.

To get more of bonuses, make sure to do a research and goods management
Managing goods well will have effects like increasing shelf capacity or allowing you to hold a sale, and they can really affect the management of your store.

And, doing a research uses upgrade items and it is performed when the store closes at the end of the month.
Anyway, doing this can help boost your products’ prices.

Furthermore, you should also upgrade items to power up the stats of your staff or their equipment.
Placing them in the cart in the order L=>M=>S will bring you a bonus.
Then, if you can increase the size of your cart, you can also get more XP.

In addition, in Lucky Roulette if your reputation goes up by 30 points, you can trigger an event, which can cause many customers to visit your store

And, if your reputation increases by 100 points, you will get a special prize that will increase your
reputation by following the hints in the Management Guide

At the end of each year, you will get a report on your performance for the year.
In accordance with this, you can score up your staff’s performance with points.
And, you can also give badges to staff members who have worked hard at your business.



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